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        CSR policy

          CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)
          That is, in accordance with the expectation from society for enterprise in law, ethics, business and other  balance requests of all interested parties to make effective decisions. We give full consideration  to social problems while seeking for  the profits, and give emphasis to expectation of society and all interested parties.


        The original accountability: operator should provide an explanation of capital uses and achievements to shareholders and creditors entrusted business development financing; now the accountability: operator should provide an explanation of countermeasures, measures and achievements concerned to all interested parties of enterprise: customers, consumers, residents in business activities area and the whole community, but not limited to shareholders.

        ROHS directive

        ROHS directive
        "All new electronic and electrical products after July 1, 2006 cannot contain six substances: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE.” Every ally should formulate domestic product standard law based on the principle of product standard required in ROHS directive.